Ringgold’s Approach to Data

Ringgold’s databases and services approach the world from a publisher’s point of view. The unique Ringgold Identifier and the clean data our services provide can be used enterprise-wide to better understand an increasingly complex customer base, navigate the wider marketplace, connect more effectively with external stakeholders, allowing everyone to make informed strategic decisions. Likewise, the metadata created by ProtoView is distributed to the Ringgold Distribution Network increasing the visibility of published works while improving the quality and depth of the descriptive data we create.

Ringgold [‘RiNG-gōld –gohld ]

Verb:  To clean, de-duplicate, and uniquely identify organizational records using the Ringgold Identifier.

Example: The solution was to Ringgold our data before importing organizational subscribers to our CRM. 

see also: Ringgold Identifier, Identify Online, ProtoView, Consortium Directory Online

Origin: U.S. and U.K., 2005, established as Ringgold, Inc. and Ringgold, Ltd. respectively; used as a verb by customers beginning in 2012.

Download our flyer Ringgold Introduction.

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