Identify Audit Service

The Expert Approach to Normalizing & Enriching Organizational Data


Your records will be handled by Ringgold’s data management experts and our team of more than 40 language and country specialists. Manual mapping to the industry-leading Identify Database provides a level of accuracy, disambiguation, and duplicate identification not possible with software-based solutions.


Your records will be enriched with Identify’s geographic and demographic metadata, hierarchies, and Ringgold Identifiers.


Our Audit Service includes the creation of new master Identify records as needed; you will always receive a comprehensive set of clean, enriched records. Organizations are a component of every business, and they are represented in every data set as customers, prospects, constituents, and affiliations of individuals. Normalizing and enriching organization-related data is a major step in treating your data like the valuable asset it is. Ringgold’s Identify Database is the leading organizational reference database serving the scholarly, academic, and research fields, and it is the foundation of our Audit Service. Auditing outsources the work of cleaning and enriching your data, delivering you a comprehensive set of master data which is ready to serve your business aims.


An Identify Audit allows you to:

  • Gain 360-degree insight into key constituents
  • Populate critical systems such as CRMs, AMSs, or data warehouses with clean, deduplicated data
  • Drive more accurate and multi-faceted analytics
  • Provide an elevated customer experience
  • Leverage the Ringgold ID for internal operations and linking data across the scholarly research sphere
  • Conserve resources by outsourcing organizational entity management to Ringgold

Identify Audit Service: The Superior Choice for your most valuable assets

How it works

It’s easy to get started

Pricing is based on the number of records. We offer one-time projects and ongoing dataset maintenance via our Audit Update subscription service.

Ringgold: a trusted data partner

Since 2005, Identify has been adopted by more than 80 association & scholarly publishers, universities, and organizations active in science and research.   
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