Gull’s Nest Books

Ringgold has a bookstore

In addition to all the work we do with data, the Ringgold staff also love books. Many of the newly published titles featured in ProtoView are also available for sale at Gull’s Nest Books.

This isn’t your typical online bookstore

We specialize in nonfiction, academic, and scholarly books and in most cases only hold a single copy. Gull’s Nest is another means by which Ringgold helps publishers promote their titles. The store is populated with newly published titles at the same rate as ProtoView, and increases the number of places where the ProtoView abstracts appear online. This improves the likelihood that the title information will be indexed by search engines and discovered by users of all types.

We may not always have the title you’re looking for, but we will have comprehensive information about scholarly books you won’t find anywhere else. We won’t be offended in the least if you find a title of interest and buy it elsewhere… many of our users treat Gull’s Nest as a discovery tool.

If you are interested in high level academic titles, we invite you to register at Gull’s Nest and set up an account which will provide an excellent discount on the titles we hold.

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