Meet with us at Frankfurt & get expert tips on PIDs

Ringgold is delighted to be presenting again at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Join us for ‘Persistent Identifiers – The 5 Things You Need To Know’ at the Professional & Scientific Information Hot Spots Stage N99 in Hall 4.2 on Wednesday 19 October at 13.00-13.30. Laura Cox, Diane Cogan and Christine Orr will be sharing their expertise on PIDs and revealing how they are key to enhancing your data. You can also visit us throughout the week in Hall 4.2, Stand M86  – ask us how your organization can benefit from our data services in the ever-challenging scholarly landscape.

Open Funder Registry mapping

We are pleased to announce that we will shortly release Open Funder Registry IDs (established by CrossRef) in the Identify Database. We will be communicating more details and the release date to customers soon. All of the Ringgold data for a given institution will be available for each Funder providing not only a crosswalk between Ringgold IDs and OFR IDs, but a complete hierarchical view of each funding body. By mapping established Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) such as OFR IDs, IPEDs and ISNIs to the Ringgold ID we can extend the interoperability of our data, and bring disparate datasets together.

Author Affiliations in ProtoView

Our ProtoView service now includes standardized author/editor affiliations in the metadata we create, thus providing a direct link to the Identify Database. ProtoView author/editor affiliation metadata include the standard name of the institution and its Ringgold ID, both from the Identify institution database. For publishers which use Identify as well as ProtoView, this affiliation data will be an additional pool of information that the press can use for analysis of current and potential future sources of research and publication.

Identify Database UK User Group meeting report

The 2016 UK User Group Meeting was held on the first morning of the ALPSP conference. The meeting was well attended with some very interesting discussion and helpful feedback given.

Our speakers gave excellent presentations. The first was from Fabio Bertolini, Project Manager at Brill, who described the integration of the Identify Database and Audit Service records into Brill’s systems, using the Ringgold ID as the linchpin. Erin Foley, Account Manager, Rights Holder Relations, Copyright Clearance Centre then described the successful integration of the Identify Database into CCC’s RightsLink® for Open Access service using the Ringgold API.

Identify Online upgrade news

Development on our new online interface continues and we hope to have some preliminary material to show customers at the Frankfurt Book Fair. We expect to start customer testing after the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Team progress at Ringgold

Phil Nicolson has been promoted to Data Governor within Ringgold’s Production and Operations arm. He will be responsible for the data structure of the Identify Database and the consistency of records. Phil will contribute on database policies, data business rules and required enhancements. Phil has been with Ringgold since 2012 when he joined as Data Manager.

Keeping Identify up-to-date

Our professional team of 40 international researchers ensure that the 440,000+ records are current. Updates from this quarter include:

  • Ringgold ID 4913, updated from University of London School of Oriental and African Studies to SOAS University of London
  • Ringgold ID 6489, updated from University of Western Sydney to Western Sydney University
  • Ringgold ID 15613, updated from Middle Georgia State College to Middle Georgia State University

All records associated with these institutions and their hierarchies have also been updated. We have also been keeping an eye on academic restructuring at Ringgold ID 2281 University of Melbourne, where the number of faculties have been reduced from 11 to 10, and at Ringold ID 6723 University of Central Lancashire where the academic schools have recently been incorporated into a new college structure.

Ringgold ID 62707 University of the West Indies has been reclassified from Ringgold Type ‘academic’ to ‘academic/system’. Universities in the system were previously classified as campuses but now have the ‘academic’ Ringgold Type. All university records in this system have been updated and given full Ringgold Classifications. Additionally, using authoritative data provided by the CAUL consortium, we recently have updated size and staff metadata for all Australian university records.

In the US, the Department of the Air Force, Ringgold ID 20144, has restructured its Force Support Squadrons, Air Force Readiness Centers, and associated libraries. These were previously in hierarchies under individual bases but are now within specific Air Force Wing Unit hierarchies. These changes have been reflected in Identify.

Consortium Directory Online growth

There are now 488 consortia records in the directory. Recent additions include:

  • Bangladesh: Ringgold ID 443525 Bangladesh INASP-PERI Consortium
  • Germany: Ringgold ID 443633 Goportis – Leibniz-Bibliotheksverbund Forschungsinformation
  • Italy: Ringgold ID 456017 Biblioteca Medical Virtuale Bolzano & Ringgold ID 361961  INFOR_BIOMED Liguria
  • Mozambique: Ringgold ID 461227  Mozambique INASP-PERI Consortium
  • Vietnam: Ringgold ID 461285 Vietnam Library Consortium on e-Resources

Please let us know if there’s a record you wish us to review immediately or if there’s other consortia you’d like to see included. You can email us at, or you can reach us via the dedicated CDO feedback form.

Dedicated customer support from Ringgold

Please send any issues and questions to or visit our Customer Support site for immediate in-depth help for all our services