Complete a Ringgold Hierarchy

Ringgold Hierarchies are key to understanding complex relationships

The Identify Database is organized hierarchically and based on the ownership structure of an organization. Related organizations are linked together, such as universities and their departments, or corporate entities with subsidiary firms or divisions. Each individual entity’s record is, where appropriate, mapped to the organization’s larger structural hierarchy; a ‘family tree’.

Check or complete the hierarchy for your organization

Ringgold strives to continuously update and enhance the hierarchies we use to describe organizations. If you are affiliated with an organization and would like to review your hierarchy please contact us to request a summary report of the Ringgold structural data for your organization. For a small fee Ringgold will work with you to complete and standardize the information associated with your organization from top to bottom. At the end of the process we will provide you with the completed hierarchy and all the Ringgold metadata for each record within your institution.

We create records in the database, and describe their relationship to one another, for:

  • Academic departments (faculties, schools, departments etc)
  • Research centres and research groups
  • Libraries
  • Campuses, other than the main campus

We do not create records for:

  • Internal admin and service units: e.g. Department of Finance and Accounts, Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Department of HR and Equality, Office for Alumni Relations, IT Services. (The exception are university offices managing the research output of a university. We create records for these because they often fund research and author publication fees, so are of increasing interest to publishers).
  • Courses and programs (unless they are like a department)
  • Temporary research programs
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