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Unlock the Potential of Your Customer Data

Clean, authoritative data helps our clients reach an array of goals:

  • Understand & analyze a global customer base
  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Apply Ringgold ID to your records
  • Reveal related accounts
  • Support pricing model development
  • Map data across multiple systems
  • Improve customer service

Ringgold’s Identify Audit Service is the first step in treating your data like the valuable asset it is. We bring order to your most valuable subscriber data by mapping your records to the Identify Database  – the recognized industry standard for organizational data. More than simply normalizing organization names and applying Ringgold Identifiers, an Identify Audit can help turn raw data into a powerful business resource.


Identify Audits Give You More than Just a Number

Each Audit returns your records – richly enhanced – with the following data for each organization:

Ringgold Identifier: This unique ID disambiguates each organization, and is a powerful tool to support linking data across internal systems – and across the supply chain

Organization Name: Full legal name in the organization’s native language

Additional Metadata: Alternative names, size metrics, industry sector (Ringgold Type), tiers (Ringgold, Carnegie, and JISC), consortia memberships, URLs, and more

Organizational Hierarchy: Easily see which accounts are related, and determine complete holdings for an organization. Key Identify data is provided for all parent organizations such as university systems, parent companies, and government ministries


It’s easy to get started

Pricing is based on the number of records. Every dataset is unique and there are many business objectives that can be supported with a Ringgold Identify Audit. We consult with every client to develop a customized proposal, complete with pricing and timelines.

Contact us to schedule a consultation.  Click here to see how an Identify Audit was the solution for one of our clients.

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